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The Ómós Digest is an exploratory weekly newsletter surrounding food and culture. My names Cúán Greene, I’m an Irish chef and founder of Ómós.

I have spent the majority of my career working in Michelin star restaurants around the world, including 3 Michelin star Noma and Geranium in Copenhagen. After 15 years of working and traveling, I have returned to Ireland to focus on Ómós.

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About the Ómós Digest

We focus on a wide variety of disciplines, surrounding food and gastronomy. Our belief is that more can be brought by working together through the process of communication, learning, and understanding other’s crafts and inspirations. Ómós is a traveling caravan of those ideas; collaborations of food and innovations; and investigations surrounding what we eat. The word comes from the Irish language, meaning homage, duty, and respect.

Each week we write informative stories about our excursions, sharing with you what we learn from our ever growing community. You’ll get our very own perspective on where the industry is at, and where we think it needs to be, offering solutions, as well as sharing with you all the juicy bits of information we have gathered over the years. From step by step recipes, sustainable practices, community driven initiatives, to deep dives into unique ingredients, and foraging guides, we hope to feed you with information and knowledge that you can use time and time again.

Together, we’re growing our food community one newsletter at a time. Join the journey!

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An exploratory food newsletter from Ómós; an Irish restaurant and guesthouse in the making. We write about food, culture and community. We share insights, positing questions, and meeting people who are adding to the collective pot.


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